Our Business

Indulgent Foods has been in the business of providing the highest-quality gourmet food products since 1989. From our headquarters in Farmington, Utah, we supply gourmet hot cocoa, hot cider and wassail, chai tea mixes, and fry sauce (for dipping french fries & onion rings!) to fine retailers and directly to customers in all fifty states. We use the finest European cocoa and other top-quality ingredients in order to provide our consumers with the best taste and the highest quality. 


Our Products

  • Stephen's Gourmet Hot Cocoa - Our hot cocoa is the richest, creamiest, best tasting hot cocoa you have ever tasted!  We offer a variety of indulgent, gourmet flavors and are continually introducing new, innovative flavors for our customers.  Stephen's also offers two delicious hot apple ciders and a citrus wassail mix which is perfect for the holidays. 

  • Stephen's Gourmet Single Serve Cups - With our recent introduction of Stephen's Gourmet Single Cups for use in Keurig brand brewing systems, you can enjoy the taste and quality of Stephen's and the convenience of single cup brewing.  The first and only premium hot cocoa for use in Keurig coffee makers on the market.

  • Pacific Chai Tea - Introduced in 1992 as the first premium instant chai mix on the market, Pacific Chai offers 7 delicious varieties of Chai Tea in an easy-to-use mix.  Pacific Chai is the leading and most authentic chai tea mix on the market.  We use the finest quality ingredients, including black tea, real honey, cinnamon, cardamom and other exotic spices.  Pacific Chai is the Taste of Peace & Quiet!

  • Stephen's Gourmet French Fry Sauce - known in the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest as simply "Fry Sauce", our delicious condiment is the perfect dipping sauce for french fries, onion rings, corn dogs, chicken fingers, burritos and many more of your favorite foods. Fries want it. Ketchup wants to be it!