ANNOUNCEMENT: Hot cocoa, fry sauce and...oatmeal?

You read that right! We are extremely excited to announce that Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods is officially joining the Indulgent Foods family! Straw Propeller specializes in delicious, natural, heart-healthy oatmeal, with flavors that are right up our alley—including PB& J, Banana Pancakes, Blueberry Blitz and more! We couldn’t come up with better flavors if we tried ourselves (and you know how we love unique, delicious flavors!). This culinary creativity compliments our own brand so well, that adding Straw Propeller to our company only seemed natural. We hope you agree!
Stay tuned for updates, but in the meantime, visit to get a taste of what’s in store.

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    They'll call you a sauce hog

    Trust us, you won't want to share a single drop of our delicious new Smokehouse and Chick'n Dippin' sauces! Try them both today!


    Dip it good!

    If you like Chic-fil-A sauce, you're going to love this! Our brand-new Chick'n Dippin' Sauce is perfect for nuggets, tenders, fingers and strips!


    Dare to double dip

    You'll dip, dunk and downright dive into our brand-new Smokehouse Sauce! Make some room in your fridge for this zesty masterpiece!


    They deserve each other

    Delicious fries deserve deliciousness, and our Fry Sauce is the perfect match. So put down the mustard and start playing mealtime matchmaker.

Fries want it. Ketchup wants to be it.